For above ground fuel storage



Customised Canopy Design

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  • Very small foot print
  • Located Above ground
  • Easy to install – just plug and play
  • Ease of installation
  • Less or no staff required
  • High level of automation
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Payment terminals suitable for :

  • By bank cards
  • In cash
  • By fuel cards
  • By bonus cards
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Fuelco Modular Fuel Stations

  • Fuelco designs and manufactures Modular Fuel Stations for above ground fuel storage
  • Fuelco Modular Fuel Stations have been designed to supplement or even replace traditional service stations
  • Approved to UL142 or UL2085 depending on application
  • Hundreds of such units have been deployed across Australia, Asia, Middle East for use as both temporary and permanent fuel infrastructure


  • Minimal civil works required
  • Quick to install and commission
  • Low investment compared to conventional service station
  • Can be relocated to a new site
  • Friendly to environment – self bunded above ground storage
  • Dispenser installed in pump bay
  • Canopy can be integrated on top of tank
  • Containerised & CSC plated means can be transported by ship, road or rail
Fuelco Modular Fuel Stations​ Advantages​
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