Project Summary

Fuelco recently completed a bulk fuel farm upgrade which involved increasing the fuel storage capacity  for a customer operating within the mining industry.

Location : New South Wales

Finished : Ongoing Project

Tanks : Logitank Klassic LTKL 110

Comments : Fuelco supplied the tanks and dispensing equipment as part of an upgrade to an existing bulk fuel farm. One of the main benefits of modular tanks is ability to add extra capacity as fuel requirements change.


Fuelco supplied additional tanks and dispensing systems at a mine site for the purpose of heavy vehicle refuelling.


Design and install a complete, bulk fuel storage system for a mine operator with the purpose of refuelling heavy vehicles. The new infrastructure must integrate with the current tanks and systems.


As part of the scope, Fuelco submitted comprehensive designs for review prior to supply and installation. These included linking kits and pipework for integration with existing infrastructure.


Modular and transportable fuel tanks are ideal for the mining industry where the volume of fuel required can increase or decrease depending on mining activities. Their self bunded design is well suited to areas where strict environmental regulations exist.

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