For unmanned refuelling use in all weather conditions, suitable for service stations or retail forecourts.

Product Description

For Use in the Following Applications:

  • Truck Stops –refuel trucks anytime, from any fleet
  • Retail Forecourts – either for after hours access or for full time unattended sites
  • Marina – made for this harsh environment
  • Aviation – for remote air fields where reliability is crucial
  • On-tank Applications – for transportable solutions


  • Weather Proof stainless steel enclosure
  • I95 Card reader accepts Debit, Credit and Account Cards
  • I95 Pin Pad
  • 3G Modem
  • ATG Interface
  • Proven pump control which interfaces to all pumps and tank gauging. The OPT can even work with your existing pump controller
  • Extra large paper roll can print up to 3,500 receipts before the paper needs to be replaced (that’s six months at 20 receipts per day!)
  • Low power consumption and insulated cabinet means the OPT can operate in even the hottest environments
  • Extra lighting PinPad illuminated for use in any light conditions
  • UPS so transactions don’t get lost in a power outage
  • Simple to use with graphical instructions and easy to follow prompts
  • Fuel Management via EquipcoOnline

Optional at Extra Charge

  • OPT Mounting Pedestal

Accepts All Cards – EFTPOS, Credit Card, Shell Cards

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