Logitank Blue LTBL60
Logitank Blue LTBL60Logitank Blue LTBL60

Adblue Tanks (DEF)

The Logitank Blue LTBL 60 provides owners with a cost effective method of storing and dispensing both Diesel and DEF from the one unit for depot and home base refuelling.

A dual compartment tank for storing Diesel and DEF or AdBlue™.

Ideal for refuelling trucks, buses and fleets.

An integrated dispensing package, designed specifically for your application, turns this aviation fuel tank into a turnkey refuelling system. Get in touch for more information.

Product Description

Adblue self bunded tank DEF Tanks

Standard Features:

  • Self bunded dual compartment design
  • Bunded pump bay with lockable weatherproof doors
  • Fill and dispense points in the main lockable pump bay
  • Galvanised access ladder and platform
  • Corner container lock castings for ease of transport
  • Access manways
  • Warranty – 5 years structural, 1 year on valves

Diesel tank standard with:

  • Fluid level dipsticks for tank and interstitial space
  • Vent pipe for diesel tank and interstitial space
  • Suction foot valve, overfill protection and electronic overfill alarm

DEF tank standard with:

  • Chemical resistant vented tank
  • Insulated tank and dispensing line for temperature control
  • Submerged stainless steel pump
  • Stainless steel pipework
  • Fluid level dipsticks for tank and interstitial space


model diesel safe fill
def safe fill
LTBL 26 21,500 4,300 6,058 2,438 2,896 TBA
LTBL 60 55,600 7,000 12,192 2,438 2,896 TBA
LTBL 104 95,628 10,000 14,630 2,438 3,635 TBA


** Model comes without a bunded pump bay


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