Fuelco helps build modular petrol station for a Fuel Distributor in Oman, offering a new way to increase efficiency, reduce loss and sell more fuel.


A new fuelling solution is needed in areas with no nearby stations, or areas where it is difficult to build new stations.

A client operating in a country with many new infrastructure projects and multiple brand new highways, was in desperate need of a practical and reliable fuelco storage solution to be able to offer the Oil retailers and Government agencies.

Two major challenges existed, one that these brand new highways did not have fuel stations for hundreds of kilometers which sometimes resulted in vehicles being stranded along the side of the road.

A second challenge was in prime areas where fuel stations did exist but the need for fueling operations made it difficult for the station to be taken out of service for critical maintenance or upgrades.


Fuelco have been supplying modular fuel storage solutions into the region for well over 6 years now with over 400 units commissioned. After meeting and hearing the challenges, we set out to provide a user friendly solution that would meet all the client’s needs.

Our design team completed the designs in a few weeks and after getting the clients ‘go ahead, we had units delivered within two months.

Since arriving in country, the equipment was delivered to multiple sites including 3 main sites along a brand new high way providing service to vehicles using this critical new connection.

A further 3 units were delivered to to a key city based fuel station which has enabled the continued servicing of clients while the main fuel station undergoes maintenance.

All regular fuel station automation has been fitted to the Fuelco stations, which has enabled the operators to integrate the stations into their standard systems and manage them the same way that any of their larger conventional stations are managed and operated.


  • Modular – tanks manufactured, tested and pre-assembled prior to transportation to site
  • Self contained tanks with no additional bunding needed
  • Quality – Comprehensive check list and testing conducted by skilled inspectors prior to shipping
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time means reduced costs and risks
  • Customisable – Upgradeable and expandable as refueling needs change
  • Minimal civil works
  • Environmentally friendly – Fuelco® products are all self-bunded, CSC plated and manufactured to a number of
    international standards
  • Short lead times


The Fuelco team worked closely with the customer for the complete duration of the project and was able to deliver a reliable fuel storage solution to meet the client’s needs.. The fuel station is a simple and easy to use fuelling solution in areas with no nearby stations.


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