What is a self bunded fuel storage tank?

A self-bunded tank is a tank within a tank.

Self Bunded Fuel storage tanks

Self-bunded tanks, sometimes known as double-walled tanks, are fuel storage tanks that have an inner and outer tank with a gap in between. A self-bunded tank is a tank within a tank. It has double steel walls that allow for effective and safe storage of fuel, diesel and other liquids.

The space between the inner tank and outer wall catches any leakages, consequently reducing the chances of environmental contamination or loss of product.

If your business needs to store large volumes of fuel or other petrochemical liquids to be available on site? Using a self-bunded tank should be your fuel storage solution of choice. 



A self-bunded fuel storage tank can be used to store fuel and other liquids and is suitable for fuel, diesel, petroleum, petrochemical, oil and waste oil. Self-bunded fuel storage tanks can be easily relocated on site and can be used in remote locations, perfect for the Australian landscape and are easily installed on your site. Installation is simple and direct and customised fuel management systems, tank alarms and other pumping and dispensing systems can be fitted according to your business requirements.


A self-bunded fuel storage tank is built tough. Its double steel walls prevent leaks and spillage of the liquids contained. If, however, the liquid leaks through the first wall, there is the second wall to prevent the liquid from spilling through and contaminating the entire area. Spillage through the first wall (also called the bund wall) is highly unlikely as it is a robust structure designed to prevent leaks or deluge of the liquids stored. The durability and strength of a self-bunded fuel storage tank is something you can rely on.

Cost Effective

A self-bunded fuel storage tank can store large amounts of liquids. Fuelco supplies tanks ranging from 1,000 litres to 110,000 litres. On-site fuel storage tanks reduces the time and resources travelling to and from refuelling stations. Its easy installation also minimises related costs and time spent to have it set-up. With the added advantage of a safe fuel limit which is 10% greater than standard tanks of similar capacity – meaning your tank can go longer between refills.

Benefits of Fuelco Self Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

·        1000 to 110,000-litre capacities

·        Flexible rental options for your projects

·        Improved safety for personnel and environment

·        Meets Australian Standards

·        No need for external bunding

·        No specialist civil engineering needed

·        Operational within hours of delivery

·        Prevents spillage

·        Reduce machinery downtime

·        Rental options to suit all tanks sizes and industries

·        Safe and secure

·        Transportable as containers by road, rail and sea

·        A wide range of fuel tank sizes available


Fuelco Self-Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks Standards – Fuelco’s self bunded tanks meet the Australian standards and compliant to regulations.

With its innovative features, a self-bunded fuel tank proves to be a high-quality storage facility for your minor storage needs. 

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Self-bunded fuel storage tanks


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