Save Money & Time with our on-site fuel storage solutions

Benefits Of On-Site Fuel Storage Facility vs Fuel Card

  • 1.Saves Money
    Having on-site fuel storage can save you money – especially when it’s teamed with an effective fuel management system
    Fuel card companies will usually charge a management fee even if seems small initially but rises with use
  • 2. Saves Time
    Save travelling time to off-site locations in order to fill up, and refuelling detours should largely be avoided
  • 3. Realtime Monitoring & Reporting
    Examine the performance of your fleet’s vehicles and drivers
    Understand your cost per mileage figures
    Discover which vehicles are performing on, above and below the expected MPG target
    Access the means to monitor and make improvements
    Predict future expenses more easily, giving you a better handle on your finances

Click here for the Home Base Tank Saving Estimator or just email us and we can send the estimator to you.

Fuelco’s new Aviation Tank Range of self bunded tanks

Fuelco’s new Aviation Tank Range of self bunded tanks made specifically for Storage and Dispensing for Aviation Fuel
(Avgas and Jet A-1).

Sizes available from 11,700 to 65,300 Litres.

Inner tanks come as either 304 stainless steel or epoxy lined carbon steel.
All fittings and pipework 304 stainless steel.

Designed, Constructed & Compliant to Australian Standards and JIG4.
(UL142 for epoxy lined approved, UL142 for stainless steel certification in progress)

Key features of our aviation tanks

  • Inner tanks come as either 304 stainless steel or epoxy lined carbon steel. All fittings and pipework 304 stainless steel
  • Tanks include primary and interstitial emergency vents and independent high level alarm
  • Filtration to API/EI Spec for commercial & military standards
  • In-feed pumping & dispensing systems available with pumps and optional equipment such as filtration and metering (with bulk air elimination)
  • Floating suction | Emergency venting | Sloping floor to sump
  • Water extraction pipework into sump
  • Interstitial space dip and vent | Walkway along top of the tan giving access to vents, dip sticks and jiggle wire
  • Quality control system integration available including fuel sampling cabinets and contaminant and water testing equipment
  • Optional tank and pumping accessories include automatic tank gauging, fuel management systems, valving automation and control

Fuelco signs distribution agreement with Kingspan to bring you their Poly Tanks range.

We are expanding our product range.

We have been working tirelessly to constantly provide our valued customers with a range of options to choose from when they are selecting their fuel storage systems.

Hence we have entered into a formal Distribution Agreement with Kingspan to distribute their poly tanks products and are confident that this partnership will provide a wider range of  fuel storage options for customers to choose from. With this addition, Fuelco now offers fuel storage systems from 200 to 110,000 litres – suitable for a range of applications and to suit any industry.

Fuelco’s partnership with Kingspan, brings you:

  • TruckMaster – Portable Diesel Storage & Dispensing Tank 200 – 900 litres
  • FuelMaster – Fuel Storage and Dispensing Tanks 1225 – 9000 litres
  • BlueMaster – The BlueMaster and BlueMaster PRO bunded storage systems offer the ultimate AdBlue storage solution – 2500 – 9000 litres

Fuelco are committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivery capability to our customers. Please contact us on 03 9775 1366 for any inquiries about Kingspan Poly Tanks.

About Kingspan

For over 40 years, Kingspan, head quartered in UK, have been leading manufacturers of premium, fully compliant and environmentally friendly storage solutions for diesel and AdBlue for the commercial, industrial, agriculture and domestic markets.

As established global market leaders, our diverse range of innovative polyethylene storage solutions offer dispensing and management systems in capacities ranging from 200-9,000 Litres.

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