Farm Tanks – SIngle Walled

Farm Tanks (Single Walled)

Fire Rated Tanks – double-wall fire-protected aboveground storage tank.

Inner and outer steel tank with a unique lightweight thermal insulation material that exceeds the UL 4-hour fire test.

Insulating material is 75% lighter than concrete, reducing shipping, installation and relocation costs.

Compatible with a wide range of Fuels and Chemicals, Including Biodiesel and Ethanol.

Tank Features

  • 5000, 10,000,15,000, 27,000 & 60,000 Litre capacities
  • UL 2085 Listed “Protected” tank
  • Ballistics and Impact protection per UL 2085
  • Both the inner and outer steel tanks are built to UL standards
  • 2 hour rated (2” thick insulation) and 4 hour rated (4” thick insulation)
  • Standing Loss Control testing requirements for air emissions

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Product Description

Farm tanks single walled – Designed for easy bulk or nozzle filling and set up to mount a variety of dispensing pump solutions.

They provide a safe environment, removing the need to climb up ladders or unsafe stairs found on gravity fed tanks.

Low maintenance and installation costs.
Available in 2 sizes or can be custom made – 4,500, 8,500

Dispensing is simple with a large range of custom fitted and complete turn key pump solutions in 12V, 240V or Solar powered options, making them an ideal stand alone refuelling system.

Tank Features

  • Solid and durable round single wall tank, designed to handle Australian conditions
  • Safe Fill Levels: 4,500 litres, 8,500 litres
  • Paint finish – White, two pack epoxy marine grade
  • Fast fill 80 mm connection or nozzle fill position option
  • Sturdy galvanised stairs to access dip point (no ladder required)
  • Calibrated dip sticks
  • Galvanised Vent Pipe with Updraft Vent
  • Various port openings on tank top for gauging or other uses
  • Lifting points on tank for easy manoeuvrability
  • Warning decals for combustible application
  • Great under tank visibility for inspections
  • Heavy duty support legs with cradle strap, ready to fasten to concrete pad
  • Pump package options available (Installed or in kit form)
  • Tank dimensions


    Model Safe Fill Capacity Length  Width   Weight
    FarmTank 4500 4500 ltrs 2150 1935 670
    FarmTank 8500 8500 ltrs 2950 2185 850

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